CalPERS 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

What's New

Remember to visit the "Plan Information" section often as we regularly add and update Plan features. Our recent news includes:

  • Changes to the Target Retirement Date Funds
    The asset allocation within each CalPERS Target Retirement Date Fund has been updated. CalPERS periodically reviews and makes changes to the asset allocation of each fund based upon factors such as a review of participant demographics, life expectancy, estimated salary growth, and changing market conditions.

    Effective October 1, 2022, each Target Retirement Date Fund’s mix of stocks, bonds, real assets and cash changed to reflect the approved allocation. In addition, a new Target Retirement 2065 Fund became available and the Target Retirement 2015 Fund merged with the Target Retirement Income Fund. Each Target Retirement Date Fund reaches its most conservative and final asset allocation seven years after the target date, and the final asset allocation is now 55% fixed income, 32% equity, 3% real assets, and 10% cash. For more information, read the participant announcement.

  • Effective Immediately: Mailing Change of Address
    Please update your records to reflect the following new contact information for the CalPERS 457 Plan:

    Voya Financial
    Attn: CalPERS
    P.O. Box 389
    Hartford, CT 06141

    If you have any questions, please call the CalPERS Information Line at 1-800-260-0659

  • Download fillable Plan forms by clicking Plan Information > Forms.

  • You can now download your retirement plan account information to Quicken®. At your command, an automated link feeds current, accurate data, including balances and transactions, to the computer application you're using. With this timesaving capability, you can plan and make decisions viewing all your investment information at once.

    All you need to get started for this one-time set-up is a copy of Quicken®, Internet access and your Login ID and password. Your Login ID for Quicken is your Social Security number@calpers (example: 123456789@calpers) and your password is the same one you use to access your CalPERS account through this website.